Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh, my! (Minimalist)

Well, it certainly wasn't EZ, and there was no sliding involved. It was more like a very old man trying to pull a 6x10 foot loaded wagon up a steep incline on a dirt road. BUT she's done. There she is. She's got a bit of a turn on that collar which may or may not stay that way. She definitely wasn't meant to have it. But now that this is done, I have to make another with an intentional shawl lapel in this cabled pattern as the border is really quite stunning in my eyes.

And while I was on a little trip recently I bought a beautiful wooden stick for closing my shawls and more than likely this cardigan. It was a yarn shop in Sewickly where the help makes the shop (well along with the yarn selection). I also bought a pattern that absolutely screamed out MAKE ME! MAKE ME! I haven't the yarn yet.

Anyway, back to this little shop - if the stellar employee (name unknown, but who was amusing enough to not be forgotten) who is planning a trip to Burbank in February happens upon my little lonely blog again, I hope she emails me or leaves a comment so if I happen to not be working, we could venture together on a yarn crawl further than Burbank.

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