Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Making Marshmallows

First gluten-free Thanksgiving in this house. I thought of just skipping the marshmallow topping for the yams as I heard store-bought ones had something evil in them (I didn't check myself though). But the wrath of GF daughter would not be worth it. So here they are. Will cut into little pillows tomorrow and roll in powdered sugar.


Anne Byrne said...

Ah...the things we do for our children!!

Greetings from Yarns Unlimited in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. I would love getting together with you while I'm in California. The last time I was out, I visited four lovely shops but would love to venture out to explore more of them. Will be arriving on February 6, but will be dog sitting from the 10th through the 16th
Talk soon,

Joufknister said...

Great, Anne. Or we can venture to see something else you haven't been to out here. And before I confuse you thoroughly, think of me as Cindy instead of Brenda!