Thursday, November 29, 2007

Clock Vest (Folk Vest by Cheryl Oberle)

I know, who wears these? Well, I guess I will. It is stinking beautiful even if it is a vest. Had a rough go to start, but after that, it's smooth sailing - well, except for the fact I got smart and decided to lengthen it which is throwing cable charts off and then the pu along the front will be off, and the count for the buttonholes will be different and I may need seven instead of six buttons. Hmmm. But here it is:

This time last year we were in Chicago with Gwen and Steve looking for a little snow. Since she's a little slower at processing her photos, I just got this!
Yes, yours truly knit those scarves and my hat. And here I am talking on the phone, taking a picture of something, while someone is taking a picture of me!

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Sonya said...

I just bought yarn for the clock vest last week. It's a beautiful pattern (even if it doesn't have sleeves.) ;o)