Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Corseting Away

I'm posting this for anyone who stumbles across my blog and gets tired of the same ole thing. I am working on another currently, but here is a more attractive view of my first finished corset with a lovely model. I just slapped it around her regular clothes, but you get the idea. It's actually big for her as it totally closes in back and when the right size is made, her waist can actually be drawn in easily 2-3 inches.

And here is my second corset. Kelli's clone was kind enough to model.


Virtuella said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving comments! :-)
I am not able to translate every entry to english, the long entry was about feelings around being together in a meeting wiht 60 girls with breastcancer.
It was better beeing togehter with knitting friends...
About the Michigan sweater, it is my sons! I love the colour, and he almost think it is mine now. :-)

Your corset looks great!

Sabrina said...

You have to Overbust way?



Sabrina said...

Sorry... Correction

You have Moulds to Overbust???