Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Natural Minimalist Cardigan Twist

What? A little knitting on a knitting blog? What am I thinking?
No, I haven't finished my lace cardigan yet. But maybe I'll feel more like it after I do something else that reminds me how much I love knitting. This is being done all in one piece. My inspiration is the Minimalist Cardigan in Interweave Knit's fall issue, but I didn't like that plain border that I thought might curl or something. My NMC will be a bit longer and will just hang open - no buttons, zipper, etc. Who really buttons their sweaters anyway? For some reason this sweater is beautiful to me - just Encore from my stash, but it's knitting up pretty and will be washable. Big debate is whether to make it full length sleeves or 3/4 - bracelet length.

1 comment:

Mrs. Bear said...

I go on record as a 3/4 sleeve gal, but you're the artist here, so I trust your judgement. Keep up the good stitchin'!