Friday, May 18, 2007

Update of Green Cables

UPDATE: TADATADATADA Now it's complete. It's on to other things.

Here it is ready for the big finish, block, store till next winter being modeled with today's PJ's in the bathroom mirror. Sleeve bottoms may need to be ripped and redone. We'll see after being blocked.


Sonya said...

Very cool sweater! I love that shade of green. Nice PJ bottoms too.

Jenny Raye said...

Oh, it looks great! Well done.

I love the pj bottoms :o)

Mrs. Bear said...

It looks wonderful! I like the bottom finish you did - really ties in with the other cables. A+++

heidi said...

I really must say that I love the way those cable are placed by the sleeves. the sweater looks gorgeous!