Thursday, May 24, 2007

No Fringe Will I Ever Make

This is the one thing I gently requested of my gramma's things (after first inquiring if anyone was using it and being assured that no one wanted it because it was so stinking heavy). My best guess is my gramma crocheted this about 45 years ago. I remember her sitting on the porch with her cotton and hook for what seemed to me to be a lifetime. She was a knitter too. My aunts said she made far too many sweaters for my cousins. I guess she thought because I lived in California that Kelli didn't need any. (We're from Michigan originally.) I figured my aunts forgot that I wanted it, but one day a big box arrived. I threw it through the washer, hung it out to dry, and put it on my bed for many years. When I moved, I put it away as it had a couple holes developing and one very tiny rust stain.
Well, today I dug it out, poorly mended the two holes, soaked and bleached and washed and hung it out to dry again.

Well, it'll work on my queen size even tho it's really made for a double. It sure needs some pretty little Green Gate-ish pillows!
But what the heck does one do to straighten all that fringe!!!

(Funny how I'm dressed like my dad! But there's my crafter-granny right there in the middle)


Sonya said...

That is just beautiful! My grandma made quilts for each of the grandkids. I cherish mine, but with all the critters here I'm not using it at the moment.

Mrs. Bear said...

What a work of art, and how nice you got to keep it. I've seen some sweet pillows made from hankies that would look good with it, too.