Sunday, May 13, 2007

Green Cables

This is going along pretty well. The I-cord will run through the bottom border (it's a tube border, but flatter than the neck as I just did SS on the back side of the cables there and there are holes the cord can come through on the cables)

So my dilemma is, do I just knit to wrist, do turning row, and hem?? Do I do the bottom border again on the sleeves? Hmmm.

This does fit just fine as is. But it could have been done a lot looser too. I think it's more fitted than I had imagined when I started.

Here's the best of DH's attempt to take a pic

And if only my arms were longer, I could do everything myself . But you get the idea.

Friday night we had pizza here with good friends Gwen & Steve. We had minestrone, Gwen's antipasta salad, Chicago-style pizza, and a mix of Ben & Jerry's ice cream refashioned into some kind of new age spumoni.

Red looks much better on her new owner, Gwen! Notice how the sleeves are longer and looser? She looks smashing! I'm so glad it fit cause ripping a perfectly beautiful Red for salvage materials would have ripped my heart!

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Mrs. Bear said...

Wow! You are smokin', sister! My vote (as if you asked!) for sleeve bottoms would be whatever has the least bulk. I'm always pushing my sleeves up, and don't want them thick.

Gwen does look godd in Red, but anybody would. It's beautiful, and you're a mighty good friend to give it away.