Thursday, May 03, 2007

Doilies and Aprons

What year is this again? Oh, yeah. Everything old is new again.
This post is mainly for Nona. This is what you do with another damn doily! This was made by "Dead Daph" - a friend of my mother's whose dream was to move to California. She finally did and died within a month!>!.! The doily isn't treated very well as I just throw it in the wash and never block it. But now I'm getting the urge to knit a bigger one to cover the top of the table.

After visiting Greengate I felt compelled to make an apron. Browse their brochure. You'll be sewing too. It's really cuter than this mirror shot. It's just stinking cute. I've worn it all day - baked bread, made meatloaf, macaroni and cheese. I spent the day in the '50s.

(After looking again at my picture of the doily, I realized that one might think a monkey might live here, but no, just two banana-eating adult humans.)


Sonya said...

Beautiful apron!

nona said...

Hey your doilie looks great on the table -- perhaps I've been too close minded about my doilie. I've gotten so many creative suggestion of how to use it! Thanks for the fun post :-)

Mrs. Bear said...

We boomers really do like to back to the 50's don't we? Maybe now that we're in our 50's, the whole 50 thing sounds good. Sweet apron!