Monday, April 16, 2007

Green Cables

Well, I'm less than enamored with Red (Nantucket), but I've worn her a couple times. Couple things - not too sure about those short sleeves that cut right at elbow and get a bit munched from bending your arm. It's cotton. If it just grew in length, that wouldn't bother me. But seems she's bigger around and bigger around. Moral of that story? If I knit in cotton again, it will be a straight tube like my Blue cotton one. But more than likely, I'd get a blend in the future.

I've got my fingers crossed for Green Cables. So far, so good. Love that stand up collar. Love the cables at the raglan. I want this kind of loose, comfortable, sweatshirty like. It'll have the kangaroo pocket in front, I think. That neck band will be repeated at the cuffs, I think. I may do it at the hem or just do a simple straight hem. I wanted so badly to throw a celtic cable emblem in the middle top up there, but decided to make it simple stupid and not overdo it all. I got the idea for the neck from Alice Starmore's Fishermen sweater book. She said to do it 25" long, but I wanted it a little higher up, so I did about 22". It's three cables and folded right smack dab in the middle of the third. Then I picked up stitches, 2 for every 3 rows around it and divided them up reasonably for a raglan. This is made out of my Rowan Pure Wool that I nabbed from Elann at a fantastic price. I'm planning on trying to do armhole gussets with a little pattern in them.


Sonya said...

Cool pattern. I love the cable collar.

Mrs. Bear said...

My vote (as if you asked for it!) would be a shirt tail hem. I don't know if the cabled bottom might feel bulky. But that's just me. It is an amazing work in progress.