Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Do I love it as much as I should? No. But I'll wear it. I've steamed the heck out of it. Done everything a woman could do to make the bottom look finished. A little mistake here, there, added a few inches in length. So it doesn't look perhaps like the designer intended, but it's my Nantucket!

This bottom picture is more true to color.


Sonya said...

It's beautiful! And it fits you perfectly. I think I'd have added a little length too.

Mrs. Bear said...

The length is perfect, and it fits you so nicely. I'll bet no ever comes up to you and says, "Hmm. Nice sweater, but it's not perfect, is it?"

We knitters see every flaw in our own work, having labored for so long over our creations. Others see just a finished piece, so lovely they can't imagine ever having the skill do it themselves.

Wear it and soak up the compliments!