Monday, February 12, 2007

New Year, New FO's

I've been easing into the new year slowly. But yes, there are a couple wee FO's. One of the black Baltic Clementine socks was finished in 2006, and there it sat, lonely until just recently.

Then I've been stinking obsessed with the Log Cabin socks, or more particularly with Brooklyntweed's legs?? A little too cheap to buy the book, I've studied many versions of this sock on the internet. None of them (and certainly not my own) compare to Brooklyntweed's - not in color, knitting, photography, or those lovely hairy manly leg models -

This, I assure you, is my LAST Swallowtail shawl. I believe I made FIVE.

Did you already realize that it's very difficult to photo finished socks? These were accomplished lying on the couch, contracting my abdominals while flexing the feet and extending the FO's high above me. Nice.


JennyRaye said...

Ab work and photos at the same time! Way to go with the multi-tasking!

Sonya said...

Your socks look warm and comfy! Isn't blog sock photography fun? I'm sure my neighbors have spent many a hour trying to figure out why I lay on my back on the deck and photography my feet against the sky.

And the shawl is gorgeous.

Mrs. Bear said...

Glad you verified the hairy legs are not yours. In the winter, some of us let the shaving of the legs kind of slack off.

The socks are mah-vo-lus!