Saturday, March 03, 2007

I can't pull the plug

Quote from some website: Euthanasia is a term we hear more frequently today. The word is derived from two Greek words--one meaning "well" and the other meaning "death" -- and so the word "euthanasia" has come to mean "an easy or painless death." In current usage, euthanasia refers to the practice commonly called "mercy killing." To painlessly put to death persons (blogs) who/that suffer from incurable and extremely painful diseases seems like an act of mercy to many unthinking people.

I even discussed it with my Pennsylvania knitting buddy, - I'll pull mine if you pull yours. But I can't. There's still hope, a shred of life, potential. And maybe soon there'll be some knitting.

By the way, Mrs. Bear and I had our first REAL conversation (via phone) - this occuring after probably a year and a half of written communication. I've felt like I've known her for so long now, so why is that first voice communication still kind of scary? When I heard her message on my phone, I actually giggled out loud (even though I felt thrashed) cause her voice sounded just like it should.


Sonya said...

Don't even think about it.

BTW when I first heard the term euthanasia in high school, I thought it was Youth In Asia. Why would someone write a paper about Youth in Asia?

Mrs. Bear said...

And you sounded just as you should, too. It does seem odd in these phone-a-holic times, not to talk, but our emails have been what brought us together, so why fix something that ain't broke?