Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunny Southern California

Having originally come from Michigan, I love weather, real weather - seasons, you know. Haven't had them since I was a youngster. Well, this year we have had some weather, just enough. Not the having-to-learn-to-drive-through-sleet/snow/ice kind, just enough -- Cold enough for knitting by the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa with homemade peppermint marshmallows, donning handknit sweaters, and piling on blankets (preferably quilts, homemade quilts) at night. Perfect. Even been using a new afghan a friend knit me for Christmas!
That ice was still on the pool at noon today! DH had to go break it up so the creepy could do its thing.
By the way, when someone knits you an afghan, you know they love you. They have just spent weeks with yarn and needles in hand working on something they can't wait to give you. And there is no adequate reaction for such a gift except use, lots of use - lots of getting up early, sitting by the fire, knitting, sipping on that first cup of coffee wrapped in your new afghan in the morning use. That, Nancy, is what I've been doing in this weather.


Mrs. Bear said...

That is indeed a true friend. I once knit a poncho-type thing that grew to be nearly afghan sized(I swear the thing had a mind of its own. It kept getting bigger and bigger)and that convinced me I am not an afghan, tablecloth or bedspread type knitter. Cocoon in the warmth of the afghan and the warmth of your friendship.

Dipsy said...

Gosh - weather's been absolutely crazy this "winter", hasn't it? Over here, we didn't have a bit of snow so far but spring-like temperatures and people sitting in the sun with short sleeved T-shirts. And no, we're not in Florida, but in the Austrian Alps! Strange indeed...
This afghan is absolutely amazing, and yep, I definitely agree, people knitting these for others are really true friends!