Friday, January 05, 2007

First FO of 2007

Quick knit for Kayla. Looks a wee big?? And will that little beret fit? Time will tell. She's sooo dang cute!
The beret I made based on a Debbie Bliss pattern, but the pattern was for DK yarn and I was using worsted, so that involved a little playing around. The sweater was based on Book of Sweater Patterns sizes for size 4 and I added that little pocket that looks a little miniscule.... I started with the set-in sleeve pattern and then decided to split the neck and add a little collar.


Sonya said...

So cute! The sweater and the adorable Kayla!

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, this is so super cute! What an amazing colour - I'm sure it'll fit sweet little Kayla perfectly sooner or later, and she'll look so beautiful in it!

Mrs. Bear said...

Oh, the color is so yummy. And kids grow into things, so a perfect size match is a non issue. She will be so excited, and will tell everyone she sees that you made it "just for her." Kudos!