Friday, September 01, 2006

Tweed Concept

So when you have lemons, you make lemonade; right? Well, I have those cones of cheap Webs wool. (I'm beginning to get it, but I'm a little slow. It's cheap for a reason!) So I made the Green Vintage sweater, and it wasn't fun to knit, but I will wear it. Then I made Miami/My Lambie.

So should I just throw it out and not waste time with it? Yes. But no, I won't do that. Now, I've decided that a rather itchy tweedy-looking jacket is what I should do with it. Once I've completed this, I believe I will throw out the rest.

The front will be either a shaw collar and probably two buttons OR double-breasted with a notched collar (a bit more difficult). It will have a crocheted border. I'm hoping to put a chest pocket in there (what do you call those?) and perhaps one on either side near bottom. I want to put cuffs on the sleeves with more buttons so that this is very blazer/jackety looking.

And here, folks, we have a hint of the next Mom and Daughter Great European Adventure. Yes, Italy - well, mostly Florence, just a trip up to see what Venice looks like and whether it's dirty and smelly as I've heard from some or lovely, romantic, beautiful, which I've heard from others.


Mrs. Bear said...

Will the Tweed Jacket be an in-flight project, or one that awaits your homecoming? Either way, it sounds like a great project.

My fashionista sister told me sweater jackets are 'it' this year, so you're ahead of the curve.

Joufknister said...

ooh, and I didn't even know it was "it"!! I'm afraid to try to take anything on flight with me. I don't go through London on the way there, but I do on the way back.

So it will be here waiting for me.