Friday, September 29, 2006

Who am I and what am I doing here?

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When I decided to visit my abandoned site, it said I had to log in. LOG IN! Hmm. Not only did I not know my user name, I didn't know my password. Blogger has planned for these events.

Nothing knittery of note these days. Tweed is growing so slowly, I hardly notice.

Kelli and I travel light to begin with, one small, thoughtfully planned out suitcase/backpack each with pockets for everything. In one just-the-right-size outside pocket I placed my Italian guide book so that I could just easily grab it when I got off the plane. In another nook I placed my Eng/Italian dictionary. Along the sides of my clear bags of air-removed clothing, I tucked in my walking shoes. My toiletries were very protected in more plastic bags. Three sets of clothing that I would wear two times each (handwashing in the wonderful bidets in between if needed) Yes, even my umbrella fit so nicely in another little pocket.

My vacation is not worthy of photo space, but what the heck. Just you know that it was the suckiest vacation I've ever had. AND I will never fly Alitalia again. Do you know how many rooms of lost baggage there are at BOTH the airport in Rome and in Florence? If you did, you'd avoid them like the plague... Do you know how sick I was when I got home? No. Do you know how long I've been sick since I got home? No. This is Day 12, but who's counting.

This look sums up the vacation:

Here we are spending a lot of money, a lot of time, and do I look happy? (Kelli)

The difference in an 80 euro room in France and a 160 euro room in Italy: A place to wash your feet.


Some say it's romantic.

You know those warnings to get to the airport three hours before flight? They lied.


Mrs. Bear said...

Oh, my dear, they don't know how to treat a lady there. Welcome home!

Joufknister said...

Thank you. Thank you. There's no place like home. click click

Christina said...

My dear, I am sorry your vacation was not good! I will tell you the bad memories fade and in time you'll look upon it fondly.