Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Before Kelli was born, someone gave me a shower gift with a little stuffed lamb tied to the top of the package. As soon as Kelli could, she globbed onto that lambie and never let go. Today there is nothing but a bit of well worn slightly discolored stuffing left from him that she still treasures. And it's not that any lamb could ever replace Lambie, but still I have a fondness for them and couldn't resist knitting at least one! I wasn't going to post this as Lambie Too (2?) was going to go in her Christmas stocking, but I've NEVER been one to keep surprises. Miami - My Yammie - well, she didn't say her L's too well then. But now she's all growed up!


Mrs. Bear said...

You know she's going to just love it, and love you for the thought that "Miambi" might live on. Those things stay with you from your childhood, don't they? I still have Baby (my doll) Teddy (my bear) and Pierre (my stuffed French poodle) from my baby days. I was not very imaginative when it came to their names, but they are still around, sitting in my upstairs office, after 55 years. And that says something - something good I hope.

Joufknister said...

Wow! You must keep everything! We had a real poodle named Pierre when I was growing up.

Sonya said...

What a cute lambie! She'll love it.