Saturday, April 15, 2006

Well, Soleil is frogged. Swift works well for that - and the ball winder! First of all I used too small of a size of needles for that yarn AND it was a little snug for me.

Here's what I've accomplished so far this weekend on my denim zip-up. I'm sort of winging this. Not sort of, I AM WINGING this. Could have spent a bit more time planning out how I wanted it to end up, but I couldn't even imagine how it would all work when I started. Then when I went into the Aran knitalong site, I saw something about how neck downs were not common because it's harder to plan the cables that way. No duh. But I charged on. I wanted something simple and one piece after having to sew so much on Mom's denim sweater. So there will be no "errors" on this; they're all design elements - cough, cough.

What did DH say when I said, "If I mention purchasing any more yarn, please gently remind me that I have no more storage space"? He said, "Ah, you can get more yarn if you want." Now, before you think the man is just a saint, I will admit I didn't show him what's in the cedar chest.

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Mrs. Bear said...

Wow! The denim cables look great. I remember a site somewhere that had bits on how to do "upside down cables" for top down knitting. But yours look perfect. I want a photo when you join it under the arms.