Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Thief Wears a Headband

Why can I just not throw these out? How long am I going to let them lay on the counter in the hall? It's a reminder, I guess. When the police were crawling all over my house after the dirty deed, I didn't see this. Didn't have my glasses on. Things were such a mess, I thought it was just one of my socks that got kicked out in the hall??? Anyway, when cleaning up I saw it's definitely not a sock, but a headband! Then I find a weird piece of plastic, some keys I can't explain left on my bed. I could just throw them out. But I guess it's a reminder. I've always been lax about locking up, leaving lights on. I like fresh air. Maybe by memoralizing it here, I can dump it now.

1 comment:

Mrs. Bear said...

The headband? Ugh, I'd burn it.

The keys? Could they be dusted for prints? Maybe I've watched too much Colombo!

Baby Bucket was too big. So, tonight I frog and re do. He looked so cute in it, though....