Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bluebird of Happiness!

I opened my front door, and guess what I saw!! A BOX addressed to me! I ripped it open to a burst of Easter colors! And amidst all the colorful tissue paper was my bluebird and a beautiful mat bearing his likeness! Now I just have to find the perfect picture for it. Miss Holly has a knack for wonderful surprises! Their new home will be right near my desk as a reminder to choose to be happy.

The internet is truly incredible, and without it I would never have met you, Abi.


Mrs. Bear said...

Glad he was able to fly your way before the weekend. He can't make up for the awfulness of the break-in, but can remind you that you are loved.

Too bad he can't find the creep and poop on his car.

Joufknister said...

Oh, how about his head? I don't think this jerk has a car, that is, unless he stole it!

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