Friday, April 14, 2006

So there's about 2800 yards of this Donegal tweed, dk weight - not the nicest wool to knit with, but I think I can do something with it. See the little brown square in the picture? Well, that was a swatch I knit with it. Then just because....I felted it. (Neighbor has some also and wants to make felted slippers with it) It was knit on size 5 needles and knit to about 5 stitches/inch. We actually only half seriously thought about knitting and felting a pad for Sweets (horse!) The denim is a top down raglan that I'm goin to put a zipper in. The the black fingers, well I think I have to redo. I think the thumb's too big and the other fingers are too tight... but that wool/cashmere/viscose/silk blend by Filatura di crosa (Elen Cashmere) is goin to be some nice (hopefully) gloves and wrap pour moi!

And while we're talking about it, what would the world be like without criminals? No thieves, murderers, child molestors... Today since I have NO address book (on my computer that was stolen and also on my PDA as a back up that was stolen), I went to get Bob's antique paper one and it wasn't readily available. So I looked for his nice Tumi computer/briefcase that I thought it might be in and noticed it was not around. I went to ask him if it was in his car....well, uh, no. Guess that was taken too. Makes sense. They needed something to haul the goods in.

Well, I've already made my claim to the insurance and, by the way, RECEIVED THEIR CHECK! Now is that believable? Not even a week from the loss.

Now, wasn't it just a wee bit ironic that two posts ago I had a Zippidy-doo-da day with rainbows and bluebirds? Well, I have a nice new security alarm system installed since yesterday. Maybe I'll sleep well again.


schrodinger said...

I can't believe that you got your check from the insurance already! Naturally it will happen when you realise that something else is missing... Glad that you have the alarm in, hope that your sleep will be sweet.

Those gloves sound as though they will be yummy-lishous.

Mrs. Bear said...

Don't the fingers knit up fast!? Much to say about instant gratification.

My finished gloves languish unadorned. Working on the baby bucket hat.