Saturday, March 28, 2015


The half body has a machine embroidered face on it from  And the face on the fabric was quickly drawn with permanent markers, 
This doll turned out a bit homely. 

This dolly has a box from Michael's as her room.  Her bed is a piece of poster board with medicine bottle lids glued on for legs.  The table is a top of a water bottle with edges melted a bit and a lid to Lysol wipes for the table top.  Lamp is again a solar lamp from the Dollar Tree with a tea light replacing the solar light.  To keep the box from falling flat open, I hot glued ribbons and buttons to hold it straight up.  This doll is crocheted from this pattern:   Her little jeans have a faux fly.  Hair was easy to just crochet straight onto the head - no need to make a separate wig.

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Anonymous said...

What charming little dolls. And what makes them even more special are all the accessories you put together. I think both dolls are darling and will be loved by the little girls who receive them.