Saturday, March 28, 2015

American Girl Flip Room

This isn't done yet, but it's coming along.  Please don't mind that Samantha's hat doesn't "go" with her outfit.  I was just trying on to see if it fit. The kitchen chairs are the BEST find of my neighbor!  For Christmas we both received (neighbor gifts) the metal thing with ceramic insert.  Well, remove the ceramic, and Sam slips right in and it's better than her sitting precariously on a flat chair!  I just need a better table.  Updates to follow!

Bread products are made out of salt dough.  Mini Oreos were made by sandwiching a white flat button between two black ones.  Cotton candy was colored with ground up street chalk on batting glued to sucker sticks.  Birthday cake is out of a sponge.  Clear plastic cups that are glued together were from Dollar Store.

It's not Grace's sweet shop, but it also didn't cost $500.  Total including fabric, shoes, walls, wall paper, clay, and puffy paint, etc., is about up to $30.  $1.67 in leopard print made a maxi skirt and pants.  Shoes are from Hobby Lobby (4.99 full price) minus a 40% coupon.

This item below is a perfect chair - remove the ceramic insert.  Doll sits perfectly.

This is a work in progress

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Anonymous said...

The sweet shop is coming along beautifully. The micro-cakes and nano-candies are amazingly realistic. I love the metal you found -- how clever! The little light is perfect. Scarlet is going thrilled with the set when it's finished. What a labor of creativity and love.