Tuesday, January 13, 2015

And yet more quilting

Scarlett's quilt is finished!  I free motioned the pink much more densely, and decided for the strips to just do three squiggly lines down them - and that alone was difficult enough for long strips.  Free motion quilting in blocks of the quilt was much easier for me than doing these long strips. This is it on a king size bed, but her bed is a full size.  And so I tell Scarlett, you call me after you sleep under it one night to tell me how much you love it, okay?  And the dear four-year-old says, What if I don't? 

And the checkerboard table topper is ready for layering and quilting.  On this I used the method I saw on Pinterest to iron pieces onto interfacing and sew rows, and I'm very happy with the results.  My points would have been way off without this method.  All the interfacing I've used comes in 20" width, which is exactly the size I needed to end up as a 16" square.  The diameter of the table is about 35" and it should be much easier to play with free motion quilting on a small size as this.

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Anonymous said...

Scarlet's quilt looks fabulous. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to quilt such a long piece.

Wow! What precision sewing on the checkerboard, and how fortunate you are that the interfacing was exactly the right size. Good luck with the free motion quilting.