Monday, December 29, 2014

More quilts

I've sort of been on a quilt kick!  The first of these, red, white and black, started just because Joann's had a flannel sale - even though I had sworn off rag quilts with the last one I made a couple years ago.  That snipping is a killer.  Thinking about it again, it's actually Six's fault.  She started it by making beautiful fall-colored flannel rag quilts for her boys.

And then I saw the flag quilt and decided my brother might like that for Christmas.  So I snipped away.  Seemed to go faster.  This last quilt is for Scarlett and is a full-size quilt for her bed. I plan on free motion quilting the top, and I hope I have the fortitude to do it.  It's awkward to maneuver such a big piece.  The center of the flower was made by piling snips and scraps of all the pieces of fabric between two pieces of water-soluble stabilizer and just stitching nilly-willy.  When it's sufficiently stitched, wash away the stabilizer, and there you have your new fabric.  I downloaded a petal shape from the internet and cut out petals of fabric and interfacing and stitched so the fusible interfacing was on the outside.  I pressed it down to hold firmly in place while I stitched them in place.


Anonymous said...

I love them all!


Anonymous said...

These are magnificent!

What a clever idea to make a quilt using flannel. The black and white fabric with red accents looks so sleek and stylish. And the flannel means the quilt will be as warm as it is stylish.

Your brother will be thrilled with the flag quilt. It turned out beautifully.

Pink and purple are perfect for your granddaughter. And how charming to make the quilt look like a gift wrapped package.