Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall is here

Scarlett has been asking to make donuts, and we finally managed it.  She was in heaven.  Sugar, sprinkles...  We made them gluten free, and really, they didn't taste too bad.  Tons of recipes on Pinterest

We ordered the pan from Amazon, but Michaels has it as well.

This was something I saw online and had to try!  Merely leaving that center piece in the orange, putting some olive oil in the orange, and voila, a self-wicked candle.  I've been burning this on and off in the mornings for over a week.
The little witch was being a little witchy - she did NOT want her picture taken. This is her backup costume for Halloween.  First up is still unhemmed - a Frozen dress.

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Anonymous said...

How adorable Scarlett looks in her costume. And the donuts look scrumptious. Nancy