Saturday, October 11, 2014

Christmas is Coming

And in this house we knit.  And now I see the mistake!  ah.  Nice.  This was made on the Brother KH930 with the help of instructions on Ravelry.  I plan on a string of these hanging from the mantel, different designs, different sizes.  We'll see what we end up with!  I input the design from Selbuvotten book, designs for gloves or mittens.  And the ball was from the Dollar Store - gaudy, red, ornament that I ripped as much off as possible.  Michael's wanted $4.99 per 5-inch styrofoam ball.  Even with a coupon for 50% off, it's too much.  Really, I'd like to pay less than $1 for a piece of styrofoam!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful work on the ornament. And how clever to buy a ball from the dollar store. Nancy