Monday, March 31, 2014

A little in the pink

This is Vogue 7281.  I'm not too keen on the body/sleeve all in one after making this. The pink adds an unexpected pop, I think.   I tried to "fix" the sleeve and cut up under the armhole area several times and probably over-corrected it.  It's still wearable and will be so much cooler that what I usually end up wearing for work in the summer.  I probably should have left it alone and just bought shoulder pads.  I also added an inch to lengthen it and then made a facing to hem it - which added another inch.  Length is perfect.  I'll be making slacks to follow, but not from this pattern. I'd read that the sleeves were narrow, but they seemed fine for me.  In the "old" days, I had many problems with sleeves being too narrow.  Would I make it again, as they ask in Pattern Review?  Well, I really want to love this pattern as it's very quick to make.  I may try one more to see if I can tweak the armhole issue.

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Anonymous said...

The pink trim on the gray jacket looks great. But as wonderful as the jacket looks, I'm not surprised you're less than pleased with the cut on sleeve. The classic set in sleeve gives a much better fit.