Monday, July 22, 2013

Recent crafts

This first shot is a not-so-nice pic taken in my garage where my "sweat shop" is!  lol

The first string bag, the red cotton/silk yarn, was made on my Brother KH930.  This was an experiment using a large "heel" type beginning for the bottom, transferring part to ribber, and then dropping every other stitch to  make the mesh.   The cream-colored cotton bag was also knit on the KH930 in an open tuck pattern.  Not sure if I'll use this a lot, but nice to carry a few things and keep hands free.  The blue and white is acrylic I had on hand, and this sweater was also knit on the 930.  This was an attempt to make a ballet neck raglan, and I couldn't find a pattern and just winged the top parts.  It turned out wearable, but lots I'd change on the next one.  Like just using Knitwear program to make a pattern! lol  I had forgotten about that program, and it would have made my life a lot easier.  The extra blue stripe around the neck is actually applied I-cord - the easiest thing in the world to do on a knitting machine.  I e-wrapped four needles and picked up one stitch starting at back of the neck and added it to the fourth needle and knit two rows, and continued until I met back up at the back.  You could get very creative with this technique and make any knid of design anywhere on a sweater!
The Christmas tree skirt I made for my neighbor.  I had remembered that she mentioned she ripped her old tree skirt when she was putting things away last December.  So I used my Viking Designer I to embroider some beautiful pinecones and Cardinals, a pattern from, and basically copied the look of one I found on Pinterest that was appliqued.  Why I did this in May, I have no idea! But I love it and my neighbor loves it.  The cream fabric used to be curtains in her bedroom, so it's a very "green" project.  And she's ready for Christmas a little early.
The last project, the dog, is another friend's special pet.  This was an experiment in double bed jaquard on my KH930.  I took a picture of Taz, put it on my phone and changed it to one-bit, pulled it into Gimp and manipulated it more and resized it to a size appropriate for my machine.  There's a lot more to learn on this, but not too bad.

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Quite a range of items here. Could you tell us about them?