Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More crafts

The last two posts are most of the things I've made since January.  Just found out how to post the pictures directly from my iPhone directly to Blogger - and it's so much easier than saving the pics, emailing them to my computer, downloading and saving, and then posting.  Maybe I'll be posting more often.

Another blue and white acrylic experiment made on my KH930.  Sewing stripes is not as easy for me as it probably should be!  Again, not perfection, but totally wearable for this coming winter.
I love everything about this cotton top made on my KH930 in a tuck pattern except for the shoulders that are too wide.  I'm planning on taking it to the chopping board soon and doing a little cut-n-sew

Scarlett wears this hat I crocheted for her every time she visits her Mimi.  We've removed the hat band tho.

These slippers were made on my Studio SK155 chunky knitting machine to see if I can quit doing these by hand.  And it's a go!  I added some E6000 glue to the bottoms to keep from slipping on floors and shipped them off to my mother's husband as he's worn out his hand knit pair.

The socks were knit on my Legare 400 antique circular sock machine for my cousin's husband who requested hunting socks.  And the slippers are the Duffers 19 row pattern found on Ravelry.  I just add the little tab and buttons for interest.  Quick, easy, totally comfortable!

No, I don't like sculls, but at least this one is cute.  It's the deathflake pattern found on Ravelry that I input into a free program called WinCrea, save in a CUT pattern, upload into another free program, Utility, and then Emulator, and voila!  It goes into my knitting machine and away I go.  The hat itself is Rose Kelley's earflap pattern (again on Ravelry).

One can never have too many Duffers

And lastly, face cloths made on the SK155 with Sugar n Cream cotton - lots of them. 

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Mandy said...

Wow, you have been busy. I too have a knitting machine, but haven't been brave enough to really give it a go. I must try it out one day soon. Thanks for the inspiration.