Thursday, November 08, 2012

Waldorf madness

So I had fun making my first wannabe Waldorf dolly.  I just used the junk I have around, and I'm not too sure how the regular Joann's stuffing will hold up.  Now I want to make a lasting one for my sweet Scarlett.  But I'm cheap.  So before I found the place in PA that sells it cheaper (West Earl Woolen Mill - and I haven't confirmed this), I thought you had to pay about $20 for one pound of wool batting.  Then I ordered a DIRTY fleece from Ebay that I could wash.  I watched YouTube and it didn't look all that hard or that much work.

  She looks innocent, but she started this mess.

 You can't really see how full of junk this still is, but trust me.

The box arrived today. It looked like a pile of dirt, bugs, sheep pies, and hay - over six pounds of it, I might add, that I paid $19 total including delivery.  So I dug a hunk out and threw it in the sink and began the many cycles.  That water looked like thick mud for the first few.  Finally the water quit looking dirty after many back breaking rinses.  But it's still full of what I've learned is termed VM, vegetable matter. 

Is this normal?  No, not that I'm doing this, but that they're that full of junk?  Well, I would never have rested till I tried.

UPDATE:  So I'm not sure how much more I have in the box - I think I probably pulled out maybe a fourth - but it's 9:02 a.m.  I'm finished messing with what I washed.  When I looked at it, it looked like a mountain.  I put it in a trash bag that weighed .75 ounces.  I put it on the scale, and my net work is worth 14 ounces!  I had expected a little more in wages.

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