Friday, November 23, 2012

Stepping Stones

When I first saw this article
I was consumed with wanting them, but I had never seen such large leaves in Southern California.  I took Mom for her hair appointment and decided because it was such a great day to go for a walk while I waited.  Right smack next door I see these HUGE leaves!  Then as I progressed up the street some, I found some other HUGE leaves!  The second batch were in front of a house.  So being a considerate person, I ran up to the door and rang the bell to ask if I might have a few, but there was no answer and no car in the drive.  The leaves were right by the sidewalk at the corner of their yard under a tree.  So I reluctantly started back and then it overtook me and I just leaned down and snapped one off.  Before I could straighten up, I heard a man say, "Did you ring the bell?"

I stood up, leaf in hand, and stammered, "Well, yeah.  I was going to ask if I might have a leaf."

Not even acknowledging the ackward moment, he says, "Sure!  They grow like weeds."

"So do you think I could have three in that case?"

Now I've got the leaves and before they wilt, I run to the hardware to pick up some cement and just do it!  When it's done, then I go in and read the directions.  Well, they don't have chicken wire in them, so I don't know how they'll last.  They seem sturdy enough.  But I sure know how to do it next time!

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Helen Fox said...

These are wonderful. I think I'm going to have a go at these.