Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Corset Making

This was a Simplicity bridal pattern that I altered to put in a busk. Probably could have gone down one size. But still it fits pretty well. It should not meet at the hips in the back. The opening should be about 1.5 inches all the way down, but she laced this up herself. I like the way the top is higher in front. She can probably just wear this with an open sweater and still be quite "decent." Perhaps the next one I'll try putting a privacy panel in the back.


Marietta said...

that corset looks great - i like the addition of the busk

i too am a fan of the lantern moon needles

- i accidently erased you messg from ravelry with the apron info - could you please email me at


Anonymous said...

Wow! You've outdone yourself yet again. Between sewing designer-quality jeans, chic bustiers and the knitting, you're a one woman fashion industry! Everything looks great, and so does everyone - your brother looks quite at home and happy. Good for you, lady. I love ya.

kerlaine said...

this corset is very nice

Anonymous said...

just wandering through the internet when I stumbled across your post about the corset that you made. I have a couple professionally made corsets, and I just wanted to say that yours is extremelly well done. It reminds me of some of the other ones that i've seen from the professional companies.
What I'm really commenting to you about is this: I was just wondering where you got the pattern for the corset? I know that you put it down as Simplicity-Bridal, but do you still happen to have the pattern for the corset (which #???? it is?)

I'm in my last year of highschool, and was planning on sewing my own dress for prom at the end of the year, but i wanted to encorporate a corset into the design of it.

if you still have that information, and could pass it along to me that would be great.

-- Rachel