Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Away

At the last minute Favorite Neighbor decided to go up and see Favorite Neighbor Child2 swim and I got to tag along. Here is a bit of our weekend. What you can't tell from the swim pics is that FNC2 had a serious ear infection in BOTH ears and was so dang dedicated that she swam anyway knowing every time she would dive into the pool her pain level would increase. She even went to San Francisco with us afterwards to eat at Sam Wo's - only the pics can do them justice - and powered through as if she was fine. FN was able to get a prescription filled and get her on the road to recovery before we left.

Not a lot of knitting was accomplished, but a lot of firsts - first swim meet for me, first time I stayed in a college kids' apt, first time I took the BART, first time I ate at Sam Wo's - oh, and first time I was in a 70 mph vehicle that had a front tire blow out!

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Dipsy D. said...

I loved having a look at the pics - thanks for sharing them! Ouch, an ear infection in ONE ear is horrible already, but in both ears? Oh my gosh! I had one once, and since then I'm absolutely sure that ear pains are way worse than tooth aches - I think that says it all! I hope everything is okay by now with FNC2?
And gosh, the front-tire-blowing-out-thing must have been so scary! Thanks god no one was hurt! Hey girl, you take care of yourself, will you?