Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tweed One More Time

I know you're sick to death of this. So am I. BUT it's almost done. Need to crochet around bottom and buttonholes, maybe the collar?, and put some buttons on and weave in a few ends. It'll probably take days to dry as it was pretty soaking wet. I added some seed stitch cuffs on it. Maybe just one button on them cause they're pretty small.

A few soaks in Pantene conditioner has softened it up. I'm anxious to try it on to see if it will be part of my Chicago wardrobe. I could sure use a cream colored scarf to wear with this... OR would I look tooo knitted up?

The examination gloves are there because if I handle wet wool, my hands break out in blisters and it's not fun. Dry wool I have no problem with.


Mrs. Bear said...

Lookin' good! Be sure to post some photos of you modeling the finished product.

JennyRaye said...

Wow, that is strange about the wet wool.

I'm with Mrs. Bear--looking forward to a modeled shot!