Saturday, November 04, 2006

Flash Your Cache

We've all flashed our stash. Let's flash our cache. (If you read this, consider yourself tagged) This is my retained knitting loot (click photo):

First vest made (navy)
Second Fuzzy Feet (first are buried)
Second Clogs
My Knitting Companion Bag
Cowboy Hat
Rose Bucket Hat
Aran Zip Up
Flowerbasket Shawl
Victorian Shawl
Seaman's Scarf
Ribbon Scarf
Fuzzy boa
Light Blue Cotton Diamond Sweater
Green sweater from Vintage Knits
Felted tote
Brown Fringe Sweater
Kitchen rags
Bright Blue tote bag ?? Why do I keep this?
And My husband's vest - denim
Husband's Irish Hiking Scarf
Stone Color Shawl Neck Sweater

I remember when I started knitting, Oct '04, I asked Egeria (who used to frequent Knitting Help) how she could knit such beautiful things and give them away. Her response was something along the lines of "I would have too much if I didn't." I remember being baffled because it took me soooo long to produce something.

Now it's time for me to get rid of some things I'm not going to ever wear - that first navy vest is beautiful - but I don't wear vests. Those little bags - color work one, the blue one - really, I 'll never use them. The felted tote didn't work out the way I'd hoped. The Fuzzy Feet have seen better days. Probably won't wear Fringe. LOVE LOVE LOVE my clogs. Love my bucket hat, cowboy hat, cotton sweater. Green Vintage - love the sweater, HATE the yarn.

I've given away hats, socks --- oooh, dang. Forgot my socks for the photo - Sassy stripes - have two pair -- vest, slippers (3 pairs), yellow cotton sweater, Swallowtail Shawl, denim sweater to Mom, chunky green sweater to favorite neighbor's kid, leg warmers, corset, lace wrap sweater. That's all I can think of.

Now to me, that's a lot of yarn I've gone through in two years. (Might I add I live in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA where it's not allll that cold)


JennyRaye said...

That is quite a cache you've got there--after only 2 years.

Let's see....I have 3 sweaters, 1 shawl, 5 pairs of socks...since last October--with the exception of one of the sweaters that was knit around '98 or '99. I've knit 19 pairs of socks in the last year and only kept 5 pairs....hey, that's pretty good. I deserve another pair of socks of my own :o)

JennyRaye said...

Whoops--forgot one pair of mittens.

Dipsy D. said...

Gosh! This is a lot, a *real* lot! Wow, I'm way impressed - and all this after just 2 years!!!!

Joufknister said...

That's what I've made for me or my husband. I am my favorite recipient!

Mrs. Bear said...

I think it speaks volumes about your lust for learning - started out with simple stuff and now you're doing lace and cables and you name it. Go girl!!