Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Me and my nupps

Well, I'm coming around. The nupps are not getting the best of me. Last couple rounds have been quite okay. Turns out the REAL secret is knit the nupp stitches looser than you EVER thought possible. Life will be good then.


JennyRaye said...

Haven't tried nupps yet....may be awhile after reading your odyssey with them.

Your email at the yahoo account is bouncing back--did you close that account?

Joufknister said...

No. I didn't lose that account. Hmmm.

Now, don't let me scare you off nups cause they are sooo cool looking. Just try a scrap few of them first so you can see just how LOOOOOOSE you have to knit them and be so careful when purling all five together not to miss one - I find I'm doing that frequently and then it leaves a bit of a mess.

Mrs. Bear said...

So, nupps=bobble? I like those kind of nubby things, but you are so right about stitch tension. Love the color, too!