Monday, October 16, 2006

How I knit Nups or Nupps - UPDATED - AGAIN

Anyone going crazy trying to make nups or nupps - like for the Swallowtail Shawl? I WANT YOU TO KNOW THERE'S HOPE! KNIT THE FIVE SOOOO LOOOOOOOSE. After much internet research, I came up basically with one suggestion - slip two of the five stitches purlwise, purl three together and slip the two over that. That is supposed to look the same as a nup. Unh-unh. Doesn't either. (UPDATE - OK OK - I'm doing it to save my mind) Just doesn't look as slick as the p5tog. Besides it's not that much easier.

FIRST - I switched my needles over to Boyes interchangeables. Why? Well, they're slicker than my Denises and they're pointier than my Denises (or Addis or any others I have) and they have smaller size needles (than Denises). So on the side you're knitting across, use your desired size needle. On the purl side of the circulars, put a smaller needle. (I am knitting with 5's and purling with 3's)

SECOND - Make sure you're knitting LOOSLEY those five that you're going to be nupping. Actually this should be step No. 1!!

Most times if I'm knitting loose and using the smaller needle on the purl side, I'm fine.
BUT SOMETIMES I need to go the next step:

THIRD - When you stick your needle in to purl the five with your pointy smaller needle, if you can't get it through and then come out on the front to purl, (keeping yarn in front to purl) go ahead and go through aiming to go out the back (as if to knit) instead of the front (photo at this point); keeping the five on the right needle, slide everything more to the end of that gold needle, rotate the right (red) needle with stitches on it over the gold needle and now you're situated correctly to purl together. Sounds weird, but it works. When I don't have to go through this little maneuver, I don't hate nupps quite as much as I do otherwise.

I love the way they look, but I hate the way they slow me down. This lady made the Swallowtail shawl and just left the nupps out! It is still gorgeous!


Mrs. Bear said...

I feel so ashamed - what are nupps?

Joufknister said...

ahhh - basically they are like popcorns??