Thursday, July 13, 2006

Urban Aran

May I present another F.O. for your viewing pleasure?

Fellow Knitters, a word of caution. When you finish something you're very proud of, show it to your friends - knitting friends if you can. Don't show it to the man you live with and expect praise and head-swelling remarks like Mrs. Bear is well known for. In my haste to hear something kind about my project, I did show it to the man. He says, and I quote, Uh, that's really wintery. It doesn't go with that tho. I mean the sweater's nice - the last one as I was disgustedly leaving the room. I did not go in for a commentary on my "outfit" or my appearance. I was showing him a SWEATER!!!!! A SWEATER I MADE!!!! Get it?

Oooh Sorry.


JennyRaye said...

Totally beautiful!!! Love it! Where can I find the pattern?

Men....who knows what goes on in their minds? Sometimes I think there has to be some sort of disconnect or short circuit between their minds and mouths. Sigh. So sorry for the less than enthusiastic response from the man. Next time, you know where to come first.

Joufknister said...

Thanks, Jenny! It's from Paton's Street Smart pamphlet. I got it through Joann's. It's not supposed to be a zip up, but everyone who makes it makes it into a zip up! I used Encore chunky. Look at Brooklyntweed - he did a really great one. He really knits well and is a GREAT model!

Mrs. Bear said...

Gaw-jus! Tell Bob I said he is a bone head. No, don't tell him that, but geeze - these guys have got to get with the program. This is KNITTING we're talking here! Don't they get it?


Well, it is beautiful. Congrats!

Sonya said...

Beautiful sweater! Well worth the zipper purgatory. My husband probably doesn't get knitting, but he feigns enthusiasm well. Just like I feign enthusiasm when he talks about bowhunting.

JennyRaye said...

Oh yeah, I remember seeing this in the past--it's a pullover in the pattern as written, right? I really like it!

Great job on the biking!

Joufknister said...

Thanks, Jenny! You did great on the biking today!!! Wow. I'm going to try to ride 21 tomorrow just so I can get to 100 - I don't think I ever have. Last week was 94 and was sooo close. But next week I can't ride as much cause I'm supposed to work 3 days. So only ride 4. I'll aim for 70. I love this. Only thing better would be if you were out here to ride with!! Pixie says we should come to NC for a ride. But I think taking a bike that far would be a royal pain! I'd never get it back together!