Monday, July 17, 2006

NEVER say Never

When I began knitting (Oct 2004), I said I would NEVER make a dish rag or a face cloth and probably never an afghan as I considered all these as ridiculous wastes of time. Well, as I've matured, the thought of a cute little red dish cloth gracing my kitchen began to plant it's little foot in my brain. Eventually I picked up a skein of cheap cotton - red of course. Today was the day. I knit my very first dish cloth. I foresee many many more in my future. On this one I did my first feather and fan stitch. I practiced my new combination knitting style with a garter edge. For those of you who do not know, when knitting combination style, with garter stitch or round knitting, you have to change the way you wrap the yarn to keep the stitches on the next row oriented correctly. Here it is in its virgin state

And yet again posing as a used dish rag.



Mrs. Bear said...

It's the color. Red. Red makes all things possible, all things beautiful. You are now ensnared in a red mojo. It's an omen that you should find the perfect pattern for your red yarn in your stash and knit the perfect garment. Red.

sara_jayne said...

Looks great - dishcloths are great no brainer projects and great for practicing like you said!