Friday, July 07, 2006

Math Quiz - Zipper Hell and Biking Heaven

26 (length of zipper) x 2 (sides) = 52 (total length) + 26 (sewed one side twice) = 78 inches x 15 (minutes) = 1125 (minutes total) to rip out a stinking zipper that I have put in Denim. So is that right? 19.5 hours it's goin to take me to rip it out?

Mind you this is after ripping it out once already after machine sewing. I also sewed it in by hand once. I've based the zipper in three times. I basted closed the opening one time. To be fair it wasn't all my misdoings; my machine acted up as well. I thought I fixed it, but no. I'm getting WADS of bobbin hair.

So when I get done, do you think the zipper will still be usable? Will I have shredded the sweater? Should I find another way to amuse myself? Is knitting really relaxing, or will it shorten my lifespan? Is it too much to ask for a Perfect Zipper in my dang sweater?

Mrs. Bear, a true friend I've met online, has kindly referred me to every zipper blogger out there. Yes, I've read them all. What have I learned? I will NEVER EVER decide to put a zipper in a sweater again (at least till next time).

NOW, on a more positive note:

People that buy fountains for their yards NEVER have water running in them - NOT ONE - well, one - my friend Genevieve, but she's odd). I say this because I really wanted one for a while. Now I know I don't. They don't have water running in them for one reason or another - motor burned out, water evaporates too quickly, water shortage... How is this positive? I didn't waste money on one!

I saw a raccoon on my ride! I don't live in the woods. The raccoon was as startled to see me as I him!

Biking this morning made me feel less guilty for eating THREE face-size bluberry pancakes heavily coated with Mrs. Buttersworth for breakfast!

Two songs kept running through my mind as I rode: Here comes the sun, dadadadada, Here comes the sun, dooodooodooodooo, It's all right.... (that's all I know and I hummed it over and over and over) and then I feeeel Goood dadadadada I feeeel Gooood dadadaa - (that's again all I know).

JennyRae is now my virtual biking partner - like it or not, Jenny. You have no control over this. I found her blog by searching biking and knitting, really wanting to find someone right next door to bike with. How silly is that thinking? What attacted me to her blog is (a) like me, she is not 20 yrs old. I have no idea how old, but she's a decent age. I don't know what her motivation is - health, exercise, weight control, just the feel goodness of getting outdoors, but that doesn't really matter. (b) I think we are compatible in terms of length of rides. (c) She posts her miles, which gives me something to try to keep up with.

So since my start date, I ride when I can, and the first thing I do upon entering the house is see how Jenny did. So Jenny, I implore you - please don't get sick, don't go on vacation, and don't have a computer crash. I need you to keep biking.

But today when I came home from riding and looked at my zipper, I don't feeel good, dadadadada


Mrs. Bear said...

Nothing like a buddy to encourage you onward. I'll be there for the zipper woes, and Jenny can help you over life's other hills and valleys - bikewise!

Joufknister said...

Kelli said this post was TOOOOO LONNGGG! Guess I was just feeling verbose! Mrs. Bear is there for a LOT more than zipper woes!

JennyRaye said...

Wow!!! I'm honored!!! I'd so love to have a bike buddy! I don't have one irl--I pass lots of men when I ride (going in opposite directions, I don't pass very many people going in the same direction), but very few women....and all the men in their 70s older. But they sure can turn those cranks!

Let's see if I can fill in some of the gaps for you.... Yep, I would say I'm of decent age. I'm on the plus side of 40 ;o) My motivation--all of those you mentioned....add to those having a 3 year old when you're on the plus side of 40. I'll try to oblige on the sick and vacation thing--don't have either planned. The computer...has a mind of it's own. At least I can get online at the library if something horrible should happen. I need me to keep biking too. It's truly disheartening how hard it is to stay fit and keep the weight off once you're no longer 20 years old. I'll be checking in on you, so keep riding!

Oh, do you know about bike journal? I keep a record of all my rides there, because once I change my stats, I don't know what I rode the previous ride or week. Does how many calories you burned too, although I think it's a little on the high side.

It's nice to have a partner!

Joufknister said...

One thing JUMPS out at me - 3 yr old???? wooooh You have your hands full! Lots of fun though - probably a lot more fun than if you were 22! Me, I'm 52 - if you think it's hard at 40.....

You sure did great this week biking! This is the most I've biked in a week in well over a year I think! Thank you in indulging me with not getting sick or vacationing! You can always borrow a computer!

Joufknister said...

The more I think about it, I'm amazed you have time to ride at all! I am very impressed.

JennyRaye said...

Ahhh, the advantages of having two teens in the house ;o) I don't know how I got along having toddlers/preschoolers without teens to chase them around!

I have decreased my weekday riding by about 1/2 an hour. I used to ride at least 21.5 miles a day during the week, with an occasional 25 miler thrown in for good measure, but it was taking too much time away from home. Also, I was pretty wiped out by the afternoon. It became evident that I shouldn't be doing 4 days in a row of that. With the 17.5, I'm only gone about an hour and 15 min tops. I can do 4 days of those a week without trouble and get my almost 30 miler in on the weekends, when dh is home, to give me 100 miles for the week. I need to be getting out 5 days a week--4 days just wasn't helping with the weight. I'm hoping this combo will do it. Hard to believe that with the miles I've ridden for the year that I've gained weight, but there it is. And no, it wasn't muscle :o(

pixie said...

I found your blog via Jenny's--I also love to bike and knit! I don't have a blog because I work at a computer all day (graphic designer) so when I stop, I get on my bike or needles.
I have an Excel spreadsheet I use to keep track of my mileage av/max mph, etc. Can send it to you, if you'd like. I'm 47 and just got into knitting and biking about the same and half years ago...and haven't stopped! Like Jenny, I try to ride at least 5 to 6 days a week and at least 100-150 miles.Enjoy and keep at it!

Joufknister said...

Pixie, hello fellow biker/knitter! I'd love you to send me the chart! My email is brendadhil at yahoo dot com.

No blog?? I love it just to put all my knitting in one place! 150 miles....whoa. Last week was a high for me. Do you ride alone? I notice I get tired faster alone than riding with someone.