Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I hate it when I get TFOs. It generally starts coming on so gradually. Maybe the first time I spot something, I'll think - That's nice or that looks good, but it's not me or maybe some day. I'll see it again and my feelings will have warmed a bit. Then all of a sudden I've gotta go there, I've gotta have it, I've gotta do it - gotta gotta gotta. Sometimes it passes before I actually get there. So can you believe I couldn't sleep the other night mulling over how many ways there are to make a body double and the stand!! I'm serious. I COULDN'T sleep! I was awake from 2 a.m. thinking about how to make Clothilda and how I want her to be perfect in every way.

So I see these socks on a blog and I think - Good Lord! Who in their right mind would go to that much trouble for a dang pair of socks?!? Then I see them again and it (my mind) says again a bit softer, Those are a lot of work, but geez Louise, they're beautiful! But I don't wear knee socks! I'm too old for that. Then, there they are again. I start looking up the source now. Nancy Bush, Folk Socks. Hmmm. And yet again I see them.
I almost purchase the book.

tfo=temporary fixated obsession


Mrs. Bear said...

Ah, the siren song of stranded knitting, color knitting, folk knitting. Call it what you will, all of us have succumbed to it at some time. Those amazing color combinations, the richness of the patterns - I'm there with ya, hon!

Will Clothilde have legs?

Bibil said...

Oh they're nice! In which blog did you see them?

Joufknister said...

Bibil - here's one
here's another
and another
and another

Are you going to make them too?

Sonya said...

Oohh, let me help enable you! I loved knitting these socks. (Although now I'm making my husband a pair and I'm really ready to MOVE ON.) And the book has many other gorgeous socks; I have at least 2 pair lined up to knit next. The Norwegians are an easy repeat to memorize, so you're not tied to the pattern. I don't foresee wearing them in public, but I will take great pleasure in wearing them at home in the deep, dark, cold winter. You know you want to knit 'em! ;o)