Friday, June 16, 2006

Duct-taping my Twin

Eunny's dress form has inspired me. Kelli and I are going to have a full body cast party. Here's a link on specifics. A photo blog of details will follow. Favorite Neighbor (FN in future) will be our photo journalist memoralizing every detail. (This party may take a few weeks to get arranged, so don't hold your breath!)


Christina said...

Hi, I saw you left a comment on my blog about hotels in Firenze and Venezia. Well, my mom and I stayed in amazing hotels in both cities: Hotel Abbazia in Venice and Hotel Guelfo Bianco in Florence. Here are the links:

In Venice, the hotel is five minutes away from S. Lucia train station and water bus stops. In Florence, Il Guelfo Bianco is three blocks away from the Duomo. It was easy navigating the city from such a central location. And be sure to check out Carabe', a Sicilian gelateria about a block away. Finally, if you are going to Florence, you MUST pick up Emily Wise-Miller's tome, the Food Lover's Guide to Florence. I wouldn't go to Italy without this book. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me, and I will be updating the Italian Chronicles on my blog. Cheers and have fun!

Mrs. Bear said...

You have to come up with an appropriate name for her, once she's created. And you'll paper her with...yarn labels? Wine labels? Can't wait to see.