Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It looks innocent enough

It's not. I call my df (dear friend) this afternoon. He asks if I got a voice message from him earlier today. I say no. He says, I called and left a message; two minutes later my phone rings and I can hear you and Bob talking. He recites the conversation.

I say, Impossible!! My phone was in its LEATHER CASE in my PURSE on the BACK SEAT and I DID NOT call you. Then I call Verizon. They tell me, IMPOSSIBLE. I hang up. They think I'm nuts. I tell DF the conversation and he thinks they're nuts. I put my phone in its leather case, drop it on my desk, take it out, and guess what? It's calling DF.

So the moral of the story? Don't say things you don't want others to know!!! (Or pick your speed dials very carefully)

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Mrs. Bear said...

I still have problems programming numbers into my cell phone. It's an embarrassment! The thing most likely has features I don't even know about. What good is speed dial when I'm not up to speed?