Thursday, May 18, 2006

Green Vintage Update

Front short rows are done!! Woohoo. Looks good so far. I'd photo it except this yarn really looks icky until it's washed. All the stockinette is pretty boring, but I'm down to the fun stuff - short rows for the first time in a sweater. Next will be the placket and then finally the collar. I'd like to do the sleeves at the same time so I don't suffer slow second sleeve sydrome. I want this thing done. I've got two more sweaters in the works - why oh why did I do that? It drives me nuts. I'm really a one-at-a-time gal.


Mrs. Bear said...

I think the sleeves done both at the same time is a great idea. I did my last pair of socks that way, and it was so nice to have them both the same length and done within minutes of each other. Onward, lady!

Joufknister said...

You need to enable something on your blogger identity so when we click on your name it goes to your blog!