Saturday, April 22, 2006

Glove Mania

I started the crayon gloves a long time ago, but got stuck on the fingers thinking the gloves just were too small - I just hadn't tried making the fingers long enough! I tried several ways to make the fingers, but have found that I actually like the dpn method best. The black gloves look fabulous, but they are a bit loose. I actually tried to felt them a bit (gasp - felting this cashmere blend yarn!!!), but it didn't really do it. When they dry, I'll photo them on. One thing I'm going to do is buy some black elastic thread if I can find it and run a few rows right under the cuff. I should have attempted gloves on some less expensive yarn before doing them with this stuff. I WILL wear them. I've since found a great looking pattern for gloves and scarf at Garn studio. They may be next - well, after I finish the denim cable raglan and maybe a sweater with this Donegal tweed stuff.

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