Monday, April 17, 2006

Black Gansey Glove

Woohoo - I'm pretty happy with this first completed glove! I mean it's by NO means perfect, but I'll wear it! And it feels sooooo nice. It's Elen Cashmere by Filatura di crosa. Pattern is Gansey Glove pattern from

Now if I can only make another to look like it!!!

Edited to add: Am now starting the second one. Guess what? I can't follow directions! The ribbing was supposed to be a FOUR ROW pattern, not a TWO row pattern! So I guess it was a design element on my part!


sara jayne said...

That glove looks like it could be one from a pair that was store bought - what a lovely job!

Mrs. Bear said...

Likin' the black gloves - very elegant!

Joufknister said...

Why thank you, Sara jane and MrsB! Actually I think my desk needed dusting and it got dirty?? Looks it anyway in that pic. So I washed it!