Saturday, March 04, 2006

Woman at Work

A demon or a spirit has possessed me, body and soul. This is not the normal condition of my habitat. (REALLY!) I am on a mission, and this stash buster is not too photogenic at this point. It's so NOT me, but fun. Working on jogless stripes. It sort of works, but not perfect. I found this size 3 circular in my junk and it's perfect for this! I wish I had some other colors, like some gold or deep red or some sage. But this is just an experiment.

Ok! So my birds' tails got caught in a door slam. What can I say?


Mrs. Bear said...

AMAZING! You are the fastest knitter I have ever known - one day? You've knit this in ONE DAY?

I may just learn this continental method - especially with my arm so sore.

The bag looks great and should be a perfect jeans go-with.

Joufknister said...

Thanks, Holly! You know color work is a PERFECT opportunity to learn continental. That way you knit double fisted! One color being thrown with the right and the other continental. The little zigzag at the bottom was two colors on the left hand and one on the right! YIKES. I guess I could handle four colors at a time, but that WOULD BE IT! Two is more managable.