Friday, March 03, 2006

Black Soleil (Tee)

This is the beginning of my version of the Soleil Tee. (Yep, another black thing) I've added one extra repeat of the lace bottom for a little extra length. I won't be doing the DEEP V. Mine will be more a little scoop (close to a crew neck) . BUT in the chest area I want to try to work a lace diamond shape in - much like the bottom of this, but just add the other half of the design to make a complete diamond. Then I will make 3/4 sleeves with the same lace work at the bottom. I was going to try picking up stitches and working the short row sleeve cap and work down, but then I wouldn't have the lace work on them, and my thought right now is I NEED THAT LACE. I'll be working the short row bust in this. And if it ALL WORKS OUT, you'll eventually see the results. If time goes by and no final picture, well, you know what that means. BUT what IF I picked up those sleeve stitches and knit down and finished with the bottom with the lace bottom on Black Beauty??? I was thinking I couldn't mix lace patterns, but BB did it so beautifully. That would mean the sleeves would have sort of a flounce on them at the bottom.

Should I do top down sleeves with a flounce or bottom up with same edge as Soleil?
Top down with flounce
Bottom up same as Soleil's bottom


Mrs. Bear said...

Call me a purist, but I like matching tops and bottoms.

Joufknister said...

I know you're probably right!!!